• Generating a steady flow of clients

      Adword campaigns for B2B services

    • When referrals are no longer enough​

      My clients have typically relied on referrals through their network. It’s given their business great success so far…but now they’re not enough. Either the quantity is falling, or it’s not enough to scale the company.


      They need a new lead source, so they try some other tactics.


      Months are then spent posting on social media, attending networking events or forking out money for SEO. Maybe it brings in a few leads, but not the flood they hoped for.

    • Building a pipeline of enquiries​

      The goal is to have a source of leads you can control. A source where you know the cost per lead and can turn the quantity up and down as you wish.


      We can do this by paying Google to put you at the top of the page, otherwise known as Adwords. You’ll have total control, able to adjust the budget or create campaigns for other clients/services as you wish.

    • Yes, running paid ads can be risky

      Everyone has the same fear. It's the risk of feeding Google money without seeing results. This goes double if you tried running ads yourself or had a previous consultant burn through your budget.


      That’s why I reduce that risk through two steps

      1) Feasibility check

      I won’t pretend Adwords is ideal for everyone. Before starting a project, we need to calculate your acceptable cost per lead


      From there, I can do an initial check of whether we can achieve that through Adwords. This includes looking at how much Google would charge per click, plus the odds that those clicks would lead to clients.


      If the math doesn't add up, we can save you a whole load of headaches.

      2) Controlled testing

      We can define small limited tests of each iteration to find a working campaign whilst spending a minimal budget.


      These are typically 1-week tests. In that time we can see whether or not a campaign is performing. If it is, great! If not, I'll overhaul it to a completely new approach in terms of both the settings and writing.


      That way we can avoid endless budgetary burn and find a working campaign ASAP.

    • About

      I'm a former mechanical engineer, who gradually transitioned into running Adword campaigns.
      Clients usually like my methodical nature, with an ability to decipher what's great about their service and how it helps their clients.
      Now I run campaigns for small companies. Even if your service is a niche within a niche, we can get those leads flowing in.
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