• Email automation for

    music shops

    Creating repeat customers through entertaining emails

  • Hi, I'm Zach, a musician and marketing nerd.

    Many of my favourite music shops fall into one of two categories:


    1) They barrage me with emails about products to buy


    2) I get confirmation emails and then silence


    My aim is to recreate the joy of shopping in a store. To share anecdotes from the staff, stories from other customers, advice about maintenance, all those things you'd chat about in a shop.


    And yes, now and then we'll send a promotional email to bring in sales.


    The aim is to build up the relationship with your customers, for them to look forward to opening your emails, for your shop to be the only place they think of for their next purchase.


    I'll create the emails, set up the software, analyse the data...all you then do is run your store and ship out orders.

  • My marketing ethics

    Because everyone hates sleazy marketing, here's my personal groundrules


    No creating buyers remorse

    I don't want to encourage sales that people regret. So, no selling products I know are essentially snake oil, and no overblown promises (including "become a guitar god in 8 days nonsense)


    Market to other as you'd like to be marketed

    I'll admit I hate most online remarketing. For example, being barraged with emails about a sale. So, I make sure to ask myself "would this annoy me?" when strategising and apply the Golden Rule to marketing.


    Chill it with the targeted ads

    I'm not completely against remarketing to previous buyers. But when a shop's ads pop up everywhere around the internet for weeks because I visited their store once, that ain't cool (see #2)


    No feeding insecurities

    We've all got enough to deal with without adverts making us feel bad. So, none of those "you know that thing you're insecure about? you're right, you suck...but fix it by buying our product" style horribleness.