• Zach Goldie

      Adwords and copywriting geek

    • Helping with the two stages of online ads

      I see campaigns as having two key steps.

      1. Draw in relevant prospects
      2. Show them an offer they’ll want

      It’s only when those two steps work together that sales happen.

      That’s why my interest spans both adwords and copywriting. Adwords is all about drawing in relevant visitors, both through the keywords and ad copy. Only that way can you avoid wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

      From there, copywriting’s needed to express the offer in a way that generates interest. Usually this requires connecting the offer to what’s motivating the prospect, clearly demonstrating how it’ll help.

    • Whole campaigns or partial support

      I can either run a campaign from end to end, or help with a specific element. If there's a specific aspect your business needs helps with feel free to get in touch.

      Adword campaigns

      If Adwords has left you overwhelmed I can handle the entire set up.


      That goes from working out what PPC campaigns ideas are even feasible, even all the way to tweaking keyword bids.

      Ad copy

      It's too easy for search ads to go ignored.


      If your CTR or conversions rates aren't up to par, we can work on how to draw in those potential customers.

      Landing pages

      There's no point getting clicks with no conversions.


      It could be that the landing page is misrepresenting your product. In these cases I can overhaul the copy the highlight why your offer is awesome.

    • About

      I'm a former mechanical engineer based in Bristol (UK), who gradually transitioned into running Adword campaigns.
      Clients usually like my methodical nature, with an ability to decipher what's great about their service and how it helps their clients.
      Now I run campaigns for small companies. Even if your service is a niche within a niche, we can get those leads flowing in.
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