• Adwords Powered Leadgen for Small Business

    A big-picture service, from ad campaign to on-page optimisation

  • Adwords Lead Gen

    This isn't about views and impressions.


    It's about bringing in new clients into your business. Any other metric is there to help support that.


    That's why there are two main stages to my service. First is generated relevant traffic, ensuring you're getting visitors of both sufficient volume and quality. We achieve this through tight control of the Adwords campaign, matching our ads to the searcher's intent.


    Once they've arrived, it's about showing a compelling offer. The site needs to look professional, as well as helping them clearly see why they should want your services.

    Adwords Management

    We don't want to just throw money at a campaign and see what sticks. Our campaigns consider:

    - the decision-making stage of different searches
    - what ad text will bring in relevant visitors

    - how to filter out time wasters


    and a range of other subtleties.


    The aim is to find the combination that drives the performance past your calculated cost per lead.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Attracting ideal visitors is useless if the site leaves them unconvinced. That's why CRO is essential to look at aspects such as:


    - Clarity of the layout

    - Whether the copy addresses their motivation

    - The clarity of any explanations

    - How the imagery supports the proposed service


    By considering these elements, we can help ensure that the ad budget leads to clients, not just stats on a page.



  • About

    As a former engineer, I see marketing as a puzzle.


    It's about considering the whole design, considering how the pieces fit together both within itself and with other external factors.


    For marketing, this started with me learning about copywriting. This gave me an appreciation for considering the motivations of the prospect, their potential objections, addressing frustrations and a whole lot more.


    Expanding outwards, I then started looking at the traffic source, leading me towards learning about AdWords. Now the extra pieces are who we're showing the ads to, how we can target different stages of awareness, how remarketing can help past visitors make a decision, plus a bunch of other intricacies.