• Generating a steady flow of clients

    B2B Google Adword campaigns written, designed and delivered

  • Stop relying on referrals

    I've met many business owners who're trying to ramp up their client intake. They've done well from referrals and word of mouth, but it's no longer sufficient to keep their growing team occupied. Leads come in sporadically and there's no way to increase the number of projects.


    They want a source of prospects they can control. So, they try running paid ads.


    Unless the campaign is well written and targeted, it can become a budgetary black hole. After all, it's far too easy to get clicks but no any conversions.

    It's usually at this point that I step in to help.

  • Create a lead vending machine

    The aim is to build a lead vending machine. A system where you know that for every $_ you put in, you'll end up with a new high-quality lead. That way you can rely on a predictable number of leads each month.

    My role is then to build the system and keep it running below the target cost-per-lead


    I create this system using Adwords. That way Google will show your service to people already considering a service like yours.

  • A full Adwords service

    Building a high-performing lead generation system requires two key elements. The obvious one is setting up the advert so relevant people see it. The subtle one is presenting a pitch that makes them want to contact you.
    These need to work together, so I typically manage both parts.

    Presenting a compelling offer...

    This is often overlooked despite being a make-or-break element.


    We need to create that 'fantastic, this agency can definitely help us!' feeling. Since it's cold traffic, it requires a different approach from the usual homepage.


    To achieve this, I'll dig deep into what your business does and distil the insights into a high-converting landing page.


    ...and showing it to the right people

    Now we need those ideal clients to see your message.


    First, we'll agree on a target cost per lead. From there, it becomes my responsibility to bring in enquiries for under that amount and to keep it there.


    From managing the budget to continued keyword optimisation, you can then consider it all taken care of.

  • About

    As a copywriter, I noticed too many PPC consultants were only focused on tweaking the targeting.
    Their clients would spend money on clicks, only to show visitors a vague or unappealing landing page. Unsurprisingly, these pages generated poor conversions and expensive lead costs.
    So, I studied up and got myself Adwords certified. Now I'm able to help with both aspects of the leadgen puzzle to help agencies bring in new clients.
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