• Hi, I'm Zach, a copywriter from Bristol, UK

    If your startup's achieved product-market fit, then it's time to create copy that communicates that fit.


    Don't get me wrong, your early adopters are great. They're eager enough to decipher why they should care about your 'innovative food delivery platform'. But with the majority of the market...we'll need to do better.


    With a methodical approach, we can create copy that shows exactly how your tech solves their issues. By spelling out why you're worth buying, you'll finally have growth stats to impress the investors with.


    Or to paraphrase a client, let's stop people buying despite your copy...

  • why the words aren't my priority

    My mechanical engineering background means I view all challenges as puzzles. With copywriting, the key is to fit your offer in with the prospect's motivations using the following stages:

    Pinpoint your paying prospects

    This is way more than just demographics. We don't just want a rough representation.


    At this stage I will talk to you and your customers. The aim is to know what issue they were trying to solve and their no.1 priority for choosing a solution.


    (Note: If your customer identity is as vague as a glovemaker selling to 'humans with hands', we need to talk.)

    Decide how you actually help

    You might have 100 benefits, but 99 of them won't matter.


    At this stage, we'll decide your positioning. This is the exact way that you solve your customers biggest problem.


    By also outlining the aspects of your offer that let you accomplish this, we've now defined the problem and solution.

    Writing simple words that convert

    The job of the writing is to communicate this idea of how you help. With the clarity from the first two steps, we can jump straight to the heart of the matter.

    Instead of '10x your sales and crush it!' style hype, we can make it super clear how you solve their exact reader. It's not about tricking them into buying, it's about helping them see your value.

  • Tips & critiques

    Some copywriting advice and website critiques for you

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